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We offer advisory services to public and private sector clients in ICT domain. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Management Consulting & Advisory Services  


We are a talent pool of senior consultants who have held senior leadership positions in business and technical roles in the industry. We specialize in advisory services in Public Safety, Broadband, and IoT. Our ongoing engagements include major vendors, tier 1 carriers, government organizations at federal and local levels as well as various public safety agencies.

Product Launch Due Diligence & Proof of Concept Trials


Launch of new products warrants due diligence to ensure the highest quality of end customer experience. We will work with you and vendors to support you to develop a comprehensive strategy, detailed plan of action, and program manage field trials. As part of planning process, we’ll ensure your requirements are translated into success criteria to be proven through acceptance testing.  Deployment plans will ensure regulatory compliance and industry best practices. This approach will validate intended functionality, mitigate risks, enable standardization for mass deployment, establish best practices, and thereby provide you with confidence for an optimized product launch.   


IoT Case Studies and Technology Strategy


IoT extends internet connectivity to beyond traditional devices such as smart phones and computers to other devices. Physical objects are now being embedded with sensors, software and network connectivity. 5 billion devices are currently connected to the IoT globally, this figure to expected rise to over 30 billion by 2025. Interconnection of devices to a network enables the exchange of information which presents the unique opportunity to monetize “big” data being exchanged. “Megatrends” in wireless interconnectivity, intelligence and automation alone is expected to create a significant global economic impact of $6 - $8 Trillion by 2025.

The initial phase of IoT was to validate the technology – proving connectivity, remote sensing, data gathering, interactivity and control.  We are past this phase. Developers, industries, governments are currently validating use cases and the value they can potentially deliver. The next phase will soon be upon us where IoT players will determine how to monetize these cases and maximize return on their investments.

Every business needs to have a solid IoT strategy and an action plan to remain viable in the market place.

We’ll leverage our in-depth ICT knowledge and experience to create comprehensive market studies, model business cases and provide guidance on technology implementation options to equip you with all the right information to make an informed decision.

End to End RFP Management 


Request for Proposal (RFP) is undoubtedly the most effective way to ensure procurement of the best solution – technical and commercial. The RFP process enables you with the knowledge to negotiate the best deal. The organization benefits from inputs of multiple bidders/vendors and their perspective for the stated objectives of the RFP. The skill with which a customer creates an RFP can dictate the success or failure of the resulting solution. If the specified requirements are vague, the bidder may miss the mark when it designs and implements the solution. But the RFP process can be complex and time consuming and that’s where we add value.


By leveraging our comprehensive experience and in ICT industry, we bring our expertise to manage an efficient end-to-end RFP process, from market research, creating an RFP document, to final contract negotiation, for large as well as “smaller” projects. We’ll support your Procurement organization to drive the RFP process and foster collaboration among the various departments. Above all, we’ll guide you by asking the “right questions” to ensure your business requirements are captured thus creating an advantageous position for you on the negotiating table. We will guide you to analyze inputs, shortlist vendors, negotiate contract and make the final vendor selection. We can even employ our in-house developed tools to introduce automation and improve the overall efficiency of the process.

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